Monday, June 11, 2012

Rolling them Flexirods

Hey chicks!!! I hope everyone's weekend was awesome. Mine was normal. Spent the weekend enjoying it with my kids and hubby playing the kinect, washing clothes, riding bikes and enjoying life ;). Okay so last weekend I decided to dye my hair!!!! It was kind of a split decisions while I was in Walgreens buying hair products. I was looking and couldn't decide what color to get so I grabbed cherrywood by Clairol texture and tones. I choose this because I remember Sham I am Glam one of my favorite YouTube/bloggers used it, so I went for it. It didn't do that much to me as far as a dramatic difference but there is a difference somewhat. After dyeing it I also decided to try my hand at another roller set. The last one I did was while I was in labor with my dbb (I thought they were Braxton hicks contractions lol). The first time I used shea yogurt butter by alikay's naturals, Eco styler gel and water. This did not produce the look I wanted. They were too big, frizzy and looked dry (even though the nurses at the hospital said it was nice I didn't think so). Anyways so I tried again using a little different product for less frizz. The results were awesome and I am in love y'all.

In order to achieve this look I used flexirods from sally's beauty store both orange and blue. Orange was put in the back and blue was put in the front. I did this on clean, washed, conditioned hair that was slightly damp. First applied a leave in conditioner (I'm trying curls unleashed leave in conditioner from walgreens). Than I applied evco to my whole head. Once I was finished I parted my hair into four sections and worked my way around from each section until I was done. I applied a decent amount of shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie to the section I was working on, making sure to get my ends. I than took a small amount of eco styler gel and applied it to my the section. Last I placed the roll at the end of my hair and rolled.
I slept in these rollers over night using a satin bonnet cap that has been stretched out from the rollers last time I rolled my hair. The next day after getting dressed I took the rollers out. Slowly unrolling the rollers from my hair.
This is what it looks like once I took it out. So I took some coconut oil and rubbed it through my hair and than took each section apart.

This was the results :)
I loved it so much and I was able to wear it for a whole week.

The black is third day hair The pink is fourth day hair This is fifth day hair

I hope you all like the style and try it. It was nice to have something I could simply run oil through my hair and shake.

Thanksso much for hanging with me,

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer 2012 Challenge

Browsing the curly nikki forum on the iphone which i <3, I decided it was time to do my first hair challenge. I have never done one before and I have been natural for 14 months. I transitioned for a 11 months before this though so I don't know if that counts. If so I have been natural for 2 years and 2 months ???? IDK anyways, this challenge was created by a fellow natural by the name of curlieSue32 and entails,

Challenge begins: 6/1
Challenge ends: 10/1

1. Protective styles @ least 5x wk
I have yet to do a protective style for 5 days so this will be my biggest challenge. I just roller set my hair this morning and will be wearing this for a week, so come Sunday I will be doing a protective style and updating everyone.

2. Co wash/ pre-poo scalp massage- I don't plan on co washing much unless I am doing a WnG, however I plan on do prepoo every week with EVCO and scalp message before bed.

3. No buying new products unless needed- This should be pretty easy considering that I just bought all the hair products I need Friday and even some new stuff which I plan on doing a product review on.

4. Dust n trim not every month- I have not trimmed my ends in a year so I plan on getting this done in July and that's it for the rest of the year.
5. Vitamins n supplements- Since I am breastfeeding I am taking prenatal pills so that's my form of vitamins.

6. Pictures- I will take pics as I do PS's and to keep note of LCs. I will do one next Sunday (6/10), First Sunday in August and the last day of the challenge October 1st.

7. Exercise 3x wk 20 min minimum- I am already doing zumba twice a week for an hour so one more day of workout shouldn't be a problem maybe zumba on the kinect, just dance 3 or black eye peas experience for an hour to even it out.

8. Water intake- half weight in oz- Let's just say I got a lot of water to drink (lol) Just had a baby so I have pregnancy weight smh

9. NO HEAT- This will be easy I don't use heat anyway :)

GOAL from this challenge- 3 inches of hair growth, healthy hair, body, skin

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Getting back to me


It's been months since I have taken time for me. I mean months ya'll. The last time I had a manicure and pedicure was right before my birthday which was March 13, but that's nothing. The last time I took time to give my face a much needed treatment............7 months!!! I know I know, what I am thinking not taking care of skin. Don't get me wrong I wash my face everyday with organic black soap and warm water (so that I don't shock my pores) but I haven't given my face that extra TLC and I'm going to be honest with 4 kids there is no time for TLC unless your up late, which lately has been my thing :) So tonight while everyone was sleeping I decided to give myself some TLC by applying a bentonite clay mask. What is bentonite clay mask you ask? Well bentonite clay is a substance made of Montmorillonite, which is a flake crystal flake that carries stron negative ionic charge. This charge is compensated for by absorbing a cation to the interior of the molecule, this is what makes it either sodium bentonite or calcium bentonite clay. When bentonite clay is activated it grabs toxins, metals, acid, etc from your body (in this case your face). In my opinion this makes a great purifier especially if you wear foundation on occasions. Any who after allowing it to sit for 15 minutes it made my skin feel amazing all over again. :) Oh yeah did I mention you can watch your hair for this and it will give you amazing curls!!

How to use the new clay

1. Apply small amount of clay in bowl (I use plastic)
2. Mix in a small amount of water and apple cider vinegar
3. continue to mix until clumps even out

4. if you add too more liquid add a pinch of clay until it's a constant mixture (like clay)
5. take hands and smooth on face (make sure to cover face good)
6. let sit for 15 minutes than wash off face with warm water
7. pat your face dry and apply a moisturizer

Well I hope you all take a chance to try the clay, I love it.

Thanks for exploring my thoughts with me, 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Naturally impaired???!!!

For a moment I would like to point out that everyone has those relatives that don't like our natural hair but pretend to like it while dropping hints. I know I do and it works my last nerve. After giving birth to baby boy I was seriously thinking about putting a ................PERM in my hair!!! I know I know but let me explain. It all started when my dear mother came to visit the family. I was feeling great about my hair and than the comments came, "you looked best with your hair like that" , "you should do your hair like that" "you want me to watch the kids so you can go get your hair done." After about the fifth comment of listening to her I was on the fence of rather or not to go there with my mother. She had been at my house almost a whole week and let me tell you when we go at it we go at it, so I decided to blow her and off. Well let's just say after she left all I heard was her voice in my head. This left a scar on my self esteem and I begin to notice all the chicks with permed hair again. Contemplating the creamy crack..smh! Just as I began talking crazy my hubby and sis slapped me back to reality. They reminded me of how pretty I am and how amazing my hair is. Needless to say I feel 100% better and I am now back on my $*it!!!

This is a pic of my hair the day I picked my mom up from the airport. I was rocking a wash n go. I co washed with totally twisted conditioner, than added Eco styler gel with olive oil making sure to rake it to the ends.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Wash n Go

Hey ladies!!!

It's Friday...yes indeed and I am so ready for the hornets game. I'm about to hit the door and head to the N.O but before I go I wanted everyone to see my wash n go on 2nd day hair. I have never been able to rock such a pretty wash n go and I will have to say that I owe it all to herbal essences body envy 2 n1 shampoo and conditioner for volume.
Normally my wash n go is flat but defined but after I washed my hair with this and than applied a small amount of Eco styler gel with olive oil to each section of my hair I had beautiful full hair. Inside thought: it could have simple been that I used less Eco styler gel than I normally do but I'm going to say it was H.E and Eco styler. Any-who here's the pic. Hope you like and have an awesome Friday Geaux Hornets!!!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pasta for your hair anyone???

Hello ladies,
I hope everyone is doing good. It's been a long week sorry I have not been blogging. With the boys home for holiday break I have been super busy. Any-who..... I got a chance to blog today and found some super cute pasta bowties called Farfelle Bowties that can also be worn as hair clips. I would definitely rock them in my hair as well as my little one, especially with some super cute rain boots. These bowties are designed by a Japanese design studio known as Microworks. They come in five great colors and cost about $41 american dollars ($3,150 japanese yens). You can purchase these at

Monday, January 2, 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Nail Polish Collection

I am a huge fan of Nicki Minaj, so when I found out that she had a collection coming out with my favorite nail polish I was thinking I have to get it. Well I just did my research to find it in the whole set and I found that amazon has it for as low as 33.51 + shipping. So should I pay that much??? Well let's see I bought my OPI nail polish from Ulta 5.99 each however these were not apart of a collection, so I expected to see prices aroung $10 a bottle, so if its a collection it would be $60 (which I am not willing to pay lol, to rich for my blood). However, I am willing to pay 7.50 a bottle making that $45 total + shipping. So I would say that 33.51 is worth it.  Now the question is do I really need all these polishes at once??? PROBABLY NOT, so be honest I will probably get all but one and that the green "Did it on them" because it's a little bright for a chocolate sista like myself (unless of course I find the total set price to be a steal than I'll buy it). Any ways I'll keep you posted when I get my colors in and I'll be sure to add plenty of pics.