Natural Me

So I am going natural. It's so weird to say considering that I have had perms my whole life. I am ten weeks into my transition and before I started I did not go into my journey blindsided. In fact one of my bf's and I had been talking about it off and on so I started to do some research when I ran across I love this website it's amazing and I can say I live by it. I will say I don't comment much like I should cause most of the time I'm glancing and trying to learn as much as possible but I'm working on that. I learned a lot about what is needed to transition like a big comb, organic shampoos, conditioners, a good leave in conditioner, a deep conditioner with protein, shea butter, oils and etc. At first I was really confused about the shampoos and conditioners and since I little to no new growth and a lot of permed hair I decided to get some hair products that I thought would work for the time being. So I purchased Cantu shampoo and condition from walmart, olive oil and cantu shea butter. When I got home and used it I quickly learned why curlynikki and recommended using shampoos without sodium lauryl sulfates and conditioners that have no cones (which your hair out). I also try and stay away from products that have alcohol in them hint hint the cantu conditioner. Although it felt good in my hair once washed out it was like I never even conditioned my hair, which is sad because it's so suppose to condition. So after using these products for a week and bantu knoting my hair every night and noticing more and more breakage (due to the horrible conditioner I was using) I ended up sewing in some weave and wearing that for two weeks until I could research and find better hair products. Here is what my hair looked like after bantu knot out:

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