Thursday, May 31, 2012

Naturally impaired???!!!

For a moment I would like to point out that everyone has those relatives that don't like our natural hair but pretend to like it while dropping hints. I know I do and it works my last nerve. After giving birth to baby boy I was seriously thinking about putting a ................PERM in my hair!!! I know I know but let me explain. It all started when my dear mother came to visit the family. I was feeling great about my hair and than the comments came, "you looked best with your hair like that" , "you should do your hair like that" "you want me to watch the kids so you can go get your hair done." After about the fifth comment of listening to her I was on the fence of rather or not to go there with my mother. She had been at my house almost a whole week and let me tell you when we go at it we go at it, so I decided to blow her and off. Well let's just say after she left all I heard was her voice in my head. This left a scar on my self esteem and I begin to notice all the chicks with permed hair again. Contemplating the creamy crack..smh! Just as I began talking crazy my hubby and sis slapped me back to reality. They reminded me of how pretty I am and how amazing my hair is. Needless to say I feel 100% better and I am now back on my $*it!!!

This is a pic of my hair the day I picked my mom up from the airport. I was rocking a wash n go. I co washed with totally twisted conditioner, than added Eco styler gel with olive oil making sure to rake it to the ends.

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