Monday, August 2, 2010

Owning my hair

Over the weekend I totally went off my hair recitual of co-washing twice a week, two strand twisting or bantu knotting. So I ended up going to bed Saturda night with a head full of curls only to wake up to a fro slash curlie thing going on. So since we were going out yesterday I called myself trying to wear second day hair that was an absolute hot mess lol. Im not ready for a wash and go but I guess if I tried it it wouldn't have mattered. Well anyways I ended up fluffing it with my hands and some olive oil and tied the front with a scarf and called it a day. My hubby said it looked fine, but I didn't feel so good, but some how I managed to wear my hair like I owned it rather than it owning my me.

So I guess the lesson here is that women tend to forgot who we are because we are so focused on our hair, but like a wig hair is an accessory piece that can only compliment you. Wear the hair don't let it wear you and you will find that beautiful person that is inside rather than on the outside.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hello and welcome all to inside a woman's mind. There are various reasons I wanted to create my blog. First because I have always wanted to discuss the millions of things that run through my head a mile and minute, second because I am going natural and wanted to document the transition period which could be anywhere from a year to 24 months (we'll just have to see) and third because I am prego with my third child so I have so many feelings and thoughts I would like to share. So I thought it would be nice to have a place to share them with people who may be able to relate.

A little about myself:

My names is Christi and I am beginning this journey to natural hair because I want my hair to be healthy. Since I was little girl, all I can remember are perms. I have no idea when my mom starting putting perms in my hair but I'm sure I was like 4 or something, since mom didn't really know how to do hair and thought perms were the answer. For along time I thought perms were the answer too but about a year ago I realized that perms were hindering me. In a quest to learn more about hair and how to have beautiful long hair without wearing weave I learned valuable tools like keeping your ends trimmed, using deep conditioners once a month and etc. I tried all these things for a while and my hair began to grow. BUT THERE WAS STILL ONE PROBLEM:: "SHEDING" and I don't mean a little shedding, but a lot of shedding everytime I touched my hair or layed on a pillow my hair shedded. So I made the choice to go natural May 16 which was actually my last perm.

SN: My plan is to discuss natural hair and new things I learn as time goes on. However I have other interest such as marriage, pregnancy, beauty, fashion, parenthood, fitness, food lol everything.  So if there's something you want to discuss just send me an email @ and we'll get right on it.