Saturday, June 2, 2012

Getting back to me


It's been months since I have taken time for me. I mean months ya'll. The last time I had a manicure and pedicure was right before my birthday which was March 13, but that's nothing. The last time I took time to give my face a much needed treatment............7 months!!! I know I know, what I am thinking not taking care of skin. Don't get me wrong I wash my face everyday with organic black soap and warm water (so that I don't shock my pores) but I haven't given my face that extra TLC and I'm going to be honest with 4 kids there is no time for TLC unless your up late, which lately has been my thing :) So tonight while everyone was sleeping I decided to give myself some TLC by applying a bentonite clay mask. What is bentonite clay mask you ask? Well bentonite clay is a substance made of Montmorillonite, which is a flake crystal flake that carries stron negative ionic charge. This charge is compensated for by absorbing a cation to the interior of the molecule, this is what makes it either sodium bentonite or calcium bentonite clay. When bentonite clay is activated it grabs toxins, metals, acid, etc from your body (in this case your face). In my opinion this makes a great purifier especially if you wear foundation on occasions. Any who after allowing it to sit for 15 minutes it made my skin feel amazing all over again. :) Oh yeah did I mention you can watch your hair for this and it will give you amazing curls!!

How to use the new clay

1. Apply small amount of clay in bowl (I use plastic)
2. Mix in a small amount of water and apple cider vinegar
3. continue to mix until clumps even out

4. if you add too more liquid add a pinch of clay until it's a constant mixture (like clay)
5. take hands and smooth on face (make sure to cover face good)
6. let sit for 15 minutes than wash off face with warm water
7. pat your face dry and apply a moisturizer

Well I hope you all take a chance to try the clay, I love it.

Thanks for exploring my thoughts with me, 

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