Hey chicks!!! Remember when I blogged about the hair towel. Well my curiosity was still lingering and I was unsure rather or not it was worth it or not. While at Ulta in search of an eyeshadow palette, I wondered around after no luck and LORD behold, I found a hair towel called the twisty towel. I took it to the register in hopes that it would be a decent price and guess what??? It was 9.99 for two :) One was black and the other was a leopard print in black and brown. I couldn't wait to use it so I decided that I would wait till I did a bentonite clay mask and wash on my hair Sunday night.Sunday came and I was super anxious to make it apart of my sunday pamper recitual, so I ripped the package open before I got in the shower.

Notice that it is long and in a triangle form so that it will fit perfectly around your head and the twisted part will not be to bulky to tuck in the back. Like this:

I used my twisty towels twice, once after doing my benotonire clay wash and again after I washed the deep conditioner from my hair the next morning.


I was able to step out the shower with wet hair and wrap it with the twisty towel, tuck and keep it moving. I left it on for 5 minutes while I got ready for bed and guess what I had damp hair when I took it off, which is great considering that I apply most hair products to damp hair. So if you always looking for new ways to save money and free yourself from loads of towels than this is the way to go. There are many to choose from such as:

Twisty Towel @Ulta 9.99
Curl-Ease Curl-ease Towel 19.99
Aquis Mimi's Diva Dryer Hair Towel 12.24
DevaCurl Deva Towel 9.59 (currently sold out)