Monday, June 11, 2012

Rolling them Flexirods

Hey chicks!!! I hope everyone's weekend was awesome. Mine was normal. Spent the weekend enjoying it with my kids and hubby playing the kinect, washing clothes, riding bikes and enjoying life ;). Okay so last weekend I decided to dye my hair!!!! It was kind of a split decisions while I was in Walgreens buying hair products. I was looking and couldn't decide what color to get so I grabbed cherrywood by Clairol texture and tones. I choose this because I remember Sham I am Glam one of my favorite YouTube/bloggers used it, so I went for it. It didn't do that much to me as far as a dramatic difference but there is a difference somewhat. After dyeing it I also decided to try my hand at another roller set. The last one I did was while I was in labor with my dbb (I thought they were Braxton hicks contractions lol). The first time I used shea yogurt butter by alikay's naturals, Eco styler gel and water. This did not produce the look I wanted. They were too big, frizzy and looked dry (even though the nurses at the hospital said it was nice I didn't think so). Anyways so I tried again using a little different product for less frizz. The results were awesome and I am in love y'all.

In order to achieve this look I used flexirods from sally's beauty store both orange and blue. Orange was put in the back and blue was put in the front. I did this on clean, washed, conditioned hair that was slightly damp. First applied a leave in conditioner (I'm trying curls unleashed leave in conditioner from walgreens). Than I applied evco to my whole head. Once I was finished I parted my hair into four sections and worked my way around from each section until I was done. I applied a decent amount of shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie to the section I was working on, making sure to get my ends. I than took a small amount of eco styler gel and applied it to my the section. Last I placed the roll at the end of my hair and rolled.
I slept in these rollers over night using a satin bonnet cap that has been stretched out from the rollers last time I rolled my hair. The next day after getting dressed I took the rollers out. Slowly unrolling the rollers from my hair.
This is what it looks like once I took it out. So I took some coconut oil and rubbed it through my hair and than took each section apart.

This was the results :)
I loved it so much and I was able to wear it for a whole week.

The black is third day hair The pink is fourth day hair This is fifth day hair

I hope you all like the style and try it. It was nice to have something I could simply run oil through my hair and shake.

Thanksso much for hanging with me,