Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer 2012 Challenge

Browsing the curly nikki forum on the iphone which i <3, I decided it was time to do my first hair challenge. I have never done one before and I have been natural for 14 months. I transitioned for a 11 months before this though so I don't know if that counts. If so I have been natural for 2 years and 2 months ???? IDK anyways, this challenge was created by a fellow natural by the name of curlieSue32 and entails,

Challenge begins: 6/1
Challenge ends: 10/1

1. Protective styles @ least 5x wk
I have yet to do a protective style for 5 days so this will be my biggest challenge. I just roller set my hair this morning and will be wearing this for a week, so come Sunday I will be doing a protective style and updating everyone.

2. Co wash/ pre-poo scalp massage- I don't plan on co washing much unless I am doing a WnG, however I plan on do prepoo every week with EVCO and scalp message before bed.

3. No buying new products unless needed- This should be pretty easy considering that I just bought all the hair products I need Friday and even some new stuff which I plan on doing a product review on.

4. Dust n trim not every month- I have not trimmed my ends in a year so I plan on getting this done in July and that's it for the rest of the year.
5. Vitamins n supplements- Since I am breastfeeding I am taking prenatal pills so that's my form of vitamins.

6. Pictures- I will take pics as I do PS's and to keep note of LCs. I will do one next Sunday (6/10), First Sunday in August and the last day of the challenge October 1st.

7. Exercise 3x wk 20 min minimum- I am already doing zumba twice a week for an hour so one more day of workout shouldn't be a problem maybe zumba on the kinect, just dance 3 or black eye peas experience for an hour to even it out.

8. Water intake- half weight in oz- Let's just say I got a lot of water to drink (lol) Just had a baby so I have pregnancy weight smh

9. NO HEAT- This will be easy I don't use heat anyway :)

GOAL from this challenge- 3 inches of hair growth, healthy hair, body, skin

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