Love and Relationships

If there is one thing all women can relate to I believe good and bad relationships is definietly it. I was thinking the other day about how far is to far in term of giving your all in a relationship. I have found that before getting married I never really knew what giving your all in a relationship meant. There were only one time when I thought I was in love and damn near lost my mind to make it work but one baby momma later and three years full of drama  I realized that I wasn't in love, I was simply stupid and that I had gone to far, giving my all to something that was not meant to be. So I am asking ladies how far is to far in a relationship? Have any of you ever gone beyond your means for love, if so what were the results? Did you find yourself tapped out with nothing to show for it or a new found self confidence? Did you fix the relationship or did you let it go? What did you learn from the experience and did it make you stronger?

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