Saturday, December 10, 2011

What kind of towel do you use????

Being a new natural has taking me on an extended journey through the world of dos and don'ts. Through this process I have thought long and hard about using a towel. I have watched youtube videos and a lot women are versatile on the topic. My limbo was between using a towel and a tshirt, until I was reading a celebrity post who had natural hair and she said she used a curly hair towel.

What??? Wait???? A curly hair towel??? Since when???  Honestly I use a towel and a tshirt, depending on what I grab. Regardless of what I use though I do not rub my hair, I gently grab my hair with the towel or tshirt and blot the damp hair. But now I'm curoius about this curly hair towel. I did a search and this is what they had to say:

Did you know the coarse texture of a terrycloth towel promotes frizz and is too absorbent for the gentle fabric that is curly hair? The Deva Towel provides a smooth surface and absorbs just enough water allowing our styling products to set curls while keeping them defined, frizz-free and intact.

So my question is what do you use and why????

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