Monday, December 5, 2011


So I did two strand twist on my hair Thursday, I had every intentional on trying to wear it as a style but the shrinkage was horrible, so I decided to take it out that morning. It was beautiful.

To achieve this look, I washed with black soap, conditioned with Alikay Naturals carribean coconut  milk conditioner (which I love), and deep conditioned with Honey and Sage DC. Once I was done I twisted damp hair with the lemongrass leave in and shea yogurt hair moisturizer. I left it in from 3pm till 9am the next day. And thus my hair was beautiful.

However the next day when I woke up my hair was a hot mess :( I tied it up with a satin bonnet, but I didn't work). It looked like a fro again, the back had curls but the front had lost them and the back ends were frizzing. It totally confusion I searched youtube, and in search of tips on how to achieve second day hair. Well I ran across a few tips.

1. When wearing 2 strand twist, retwist at night to maintain hair pattern
2. if wearing a WnG mist hair at night and sleep with shower cap

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So I took the retwist into consideration and I retwist my hair loosely to try and maintain the curl pattern (at least what was last) and this is what I ended up with. This is 3rd day hair by the way lol!!!

So my question is to you ladies, what are your tips for achieving second day hair?? 

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