Saturday, December 31, 2011


It has been two years since I've been home (my hair was relaxed than) so you can imagine how nervous I was for everyone to see me with my natural hair, but I was up for the challenge. My go to hair style was two strand twist with Alikay naturals shea yogurt hair moisturizer and eco styler olive oil gel. Well let's just say that the responses I got were great. :)

Everyone loved my hair and I was RELIEVED. I don't have a lot of pics but I have a few that I can share to kinda show my hair off. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fixing hubby a plate of food I hope you can see my curls. I was rocking 2nd day hair :)

My sis rocking her FRO
My besties and I posing at the shower. Bestie on the left was converted by yours truly and she transitioning (YEAH). My sis should have been in the pic but she was tired.

Christmas Day
 Baby girl rocking a curly fro and mommy rocking 4th day hair (YEAH FINALLY)

A close up :)

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