Monday, August 2, 2010

Owning my hair

Over the weekend I totally went off my hair recitual of co-washing twice a week, two strand twisting or bantu knotting. So I ended up going to bed Saturda night with a head full of curls only to wake up to a fro slash curlie thing going on. So since we were going out yesterday I called myself trying to wear second day hair that was an absolute hot mess lol. Im not ready for a wash and go but I guess if I tried it it wouldn't have mattered. Well anyways I ended up fluffing it with my hands and some olive oil and tied the front with a scarf and called it a day. My hubby said it looked fine, but I didn't feel so good, but some how I managed to wear my hair like I owned it rather than it owning my me.

So I guess the lesson here is that women tend to forgot who we are because we are so focused on our hair, but like a wig hair is an accessory piece that can only compliment you. Wear the hair don't let it wear you and you will find that beautiful person that is inside rather than on the outside.

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