Saturday, December 3, 2011

The final cut

Hello all,

Today was the day I did the big chop after eleven months into my transition I woke up this morning and decided I was going to cut my relaxed ends off and go for the new me. It was time :) Let me just say that this was a rather sporadic move for a girl like me who over thinks everything. So how did I make such a sudden decision you may ask? Simple, the new me did not allow myself to second guess it. You see ladies throughout this transition from relaxed hair to natural hair something changed in me and I think once I had my 25th birthday I was finally at that point were I was ready to do me, regardless of what anyone said. So there you have it, ladies. For those of you who wondered how I did it, this is how:

Remember I did the pre-poo last night. Well I rinsed that out and washed my hair with Renpure "my pretty hair is parched" shampoo. I lathered it and than combed. This is what it looked like with the shampoo in.

Than I rinsed that out and applied Placenta and Jojoba Oil Cholesterol for about ten minutes.

After about ten minutes I rinsed the cholesterol out and I noticed a little softness but not much. My hair was still dull. So I decided to add renpure "my hair is parched conditioner" as a leave-in mixed with shea moisture organic coconut and hibiscus conditioning curl and style milk. My hair left soft still and it curled but it wasn't the beautiful curl definition that I longed for. Plus after it started to dry certain areas in my hair were hard, which I believe had a lot to do with the renpure conditioner.

So I decided to hit Sally's beauty supply and try the new One n Only Argan Oil products because I had read some reviews and I was really interested in there products. When I got there I was tempted to buy the whole line of products minus the restorative mask, but instead I just bought the hydrating mask, curling creme and oil treatment. The associate their gave me a sample of the styling creme since they were out. So I am sure everyone wants to know how it went.


I went home, ordered dinner for everyone and rinsed my hair. Than I applied the argan oil hydrating mask. I left it in for ten minutes and than rinsed. Let me just say the results were GREAT!!! I immediately noticed that my hair had more shine and it was very soft and manageable.

After looking at my hair for about five minutes and admiring how the product worked I decided to flat twist it so I can wear a twist out to my son's soccer game and easter egg hunt. Doing the flat twist were rather easy. To twist them I made a part and sectioned the part in three places adding a dime size of argan oil styling creme and a drop of argan oil to each section and than twisted.

Well I took it out and lets just say that it was really pretty. I don't have the pic, because I was running late picking hubby up from the airport so I never got around to take one, but you got the idea.

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